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We all know how much I love lucky_bug. Most of you do, too.

Well, for those of you who don't know, she's been working on her own original projects for some time now, and hoping to one day enter the field of digital animation. She'd do it better than Bryke. 8'D

Guess what? THIS would be the opportunity of a lifetime for her.

So a polite call to all of my f-list, take the couple of seconds it takes to go vote for her and support her! Really, all you do is click the link, find "Vote for Ariel Rivas," select her button, and then scroll down to submit. That's it. No log-in, no registration required. It'll be two seconds to you and mean a lot to her. <3

it's a boy

YES. THREE. I WILL HAVE A SOCCER (or football, as we call it in our house) TEAM BEFORE I'M THROUGH. I've already got the starting line so why not.

Also, lucky_bug is offering a sketchbook commission. Yes, that's right. She will fill up an ENTIRE sketchbook for you of basically whatever you want. Here's the brief downlow:

Anyway, I'm selling a sketchbook commission for $340 ($170 now, $170 later) if anyone's interested. It's basically 50 pages of illustrations, more often than not themed by a character or just... a general theme by the commissioner.

You can check out another link here for even more details if you know anyone who's interested, or are interested yourself. Take a look!

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I'll be completely honest, one of the main reasons I haven't been working on anything fannish lately is because I'm currently disgusted with the A:tLA fandom--or maybe I should say Zutara fandom, since the fandom at large is innocent and I hate dealing in generalities when it's avoidable.

The fu_avatar post was one thing. It's a rant community, not everyone will agree, and it's also not "all about me." Presumption is toxic in an environment where people can't read tone of voice or facial expression or mannerisms. But to have someone I thought at least had a modicum of intelligence not only do that, but go so far as to assume that just because I don't like one specific threesome I don't like any threesomes, or any slash/femslash, is just... asinine.

Then I forgot about it, and frankly, I just laughed when the person continued to bring it up only to lessen other peoples' opinions of him/her or not get the "sympathy" and justification he/she was seeking.

Now, I find out that some completely unrelated community has banned a member (or maybe even members?) for being one of the people who just happens to not agree with such ignorant and unfair thinking. Seriously? And the irony is this all stemmed from some kind of interpreted personal attack on modship, only for another MOD to prove how unfair and prejudicial they truly are.

It's sad. This is the internet, so granted, I'm old enough and have been around it enough to realize everyone acts about five years less mature (maybe I'm being generous there) than they really are in person and everything gets lost in translation and there will always be drama and wankery. But such a marked lack of respect for opposing or different beliefs or preferences, such a double standard when it comes to exercising common courtesy or the all-but-nonexistent "benefit of the doubt?" Pretty despicable.

Gonna go change a dirty diaper and play Candy Land with my toddler--cuz guess what, "real life" is a pretty good place and I don't need to care about who or who not is a douche. 8'D